On 14 February, during the special Valentine’s performance entitled MARCIN WYROSTEK “MUSIC & DANCE SHOW – SYMPHONICALLY” (Spodek, Katowice), the new record by Marcin Wyrostek, entitled “FOR ALICE”, had its official premiere. The album was recorded at ALVERNIA STUDIOS.



The new CD, produced at ALVERNIA STUDIOS, contains 10 tracks, representing the great diversity of accordion. The new album, FOR ALICE, comes as an artistic summary of the musician’s career to date. In addition to the material recorded with Tango Corazon, the CD also contains joint performances with the AUKSO band, under the baton of Marek Moś, as well as the traditional brass band.



The musician himself is the album’s producer. All parts leading to the recording of the final album have been supervised under his artistic vision, starting with the creation of musical notation, through individual recording stages and the actual final recording. Piotr Witkowski (Head of the Sound Department at ALVERNIA STUDIOS) was in charge of the project on behalf of ALVERNIA STUDIOS.




The show promoting the new album included the performance by AUKSO, under the baton of Marek  Moś, as well as the star of Polish television, Anna Głogowska (Dancing with the Stars), Jan Kliment, Tomasz Barański (You Can Dance) as well as singers: Marcin Jajkiewicz (Jaka To Melodia) and Kasia Moś ( Must be The Music).
Marcin Wyrostek is a graduate of the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, (accordion class). He has received a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and is also a member of the American Society of Accordionists. He’s the winner of over 30 international accordion competitions in Poland and abroad. He performs worldwide, including. Belgium, Czech Republic, Holland, Ireland, Lithuania, Morocco, Germany, Slovakia, Scotland, as well as Switzerland, Ukraine, USA, Italy and Hungary.

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