Alvernia Studios offers a full range of video deliverables including:  dailies in full HD quality, intermediate negatives, DCP packages with KDM, timed subtitles and audio, HD and SD MASTERS and if requested by the client materials for DVD and Blu-ray authoring. Our audio deliverables include stereo music mixes,  5.1 music mixes, Dolby MO Disc (Dolby SR, Dolby Digital, Dolby EX) and final sound for TV and DVD versions of film.


Alvernia Studios offers dailies in full HD quality:
Dailies can be delivered in any form, e.g. as DV, DVD, DigiBeta, or HDCamSR. We can also send the dailies by broadband Internet transfer.

film out

The integrated Truelight colour management system in Alvernia Studios DI chain guarantees that the final film print and various deliverables will look like the projected 4K image.
We offer to calibrate to different intermediate negative type and Film Print types upon clients request other than our prime calibrated DI intermediate negative and Film Print we use for all our 2k/4k Di’s which are:

Intermediate Negative type:
Kodak Digital Intermediate Colour Negative 2254
Kodak Digital Intermediate Colour Negative 5254

Film Print type:
Kodak Vision Color Film Print  2383
Fuji Positive Film Eterna CP 3513 DI
Agfa Print CP 30
We compliment our calibrated Di chain by collaborating and regularly calibrating with DELUXE Soho Laboratory based in London to make our Positive Film Prints for our Clients on all our DI’s. Deluxe Soho guarantees the highest quality standard of services.


The Alvernia Studios DCP package is complete with KDM, timed subtitles, and audio. Moreover, we can also provide the client with DCI 16 bit Xyz Tiff for further DCP. After the DCP is generated, a Quality Check is made on our Doremi Server in house before the DCP is sent out.

video masters

Alvernia Studios provides HD and SD MASTERS:
HDCam SR (SRW-5000)
DigitalBeta PAL (DVWM-2000P)
DVCam PAL (DSR 1800P)
DVD and Blu-ray authoring: if requested by the client, Alvernia Studios can prepare material for DVD and Blu-ray authoring.


Alvernia Studios offers the following audio deliverables:
stereo music mixes
5.1 music mixes
Dolby MO Disc (Dolby SR, Dolby Digital, Dolby EX)
dialogue stems
audio effects stems
music stems
M&E for international versions
dialogue pre-mixes for further film postproduction
audio effects pre-mixes for further film postproduction
final sound for TV and DVD versions of films
M&E for TV and DVD international versions

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