Motion capture

Alvernia Studios provides Motion Capture services using high-end technology – Vicon’s Academy Award Winning Motion Capture System. It consists of 24 powerful Vicon T160 cameras. Each camera is able to capture images in a resolution of 16 Megapixels, at 120 frames per second. The setup is capable of simultaneous recording of multiple actors – up to 6 people at the same time. Our studio can also perform face motion capturing. Moreover, we are capable of capturing body and face motion at the same time.

Our workspace is circular in shape, 9 m (29.53ft) in diameter and about 5 m (16.5ft) in height, which provides convenient conditions for demanding recordings. The Motion Capture System is mobile – if necessary we can move our setup to the customer’s location. Thanks to the projector being placed near the workspace, the customer has the opportunity to supervise the recorded takes in real-time, and introduce amendments if necessary. Moreover, a DV-Video of the workspace is recorded simultaneously with the Motion Capture data, so a preview of the recordings can be accessed immediately. Thanks to our great workshop we can create the props that the customer needs.
Key Features

24 T160 Vicon cameras, 16 megapixels resolution, 120 fps capture mode and more



capture area: – 9 m (29,53ft) in diameter- 5 m (16.4ft) high

capture of up to 6 actors:

body capture

face capture

body & face capture



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