Możdżer, Danielsson and Fresco record in Alvernia Studios.


Możdżer-Danielsson-Fresco Trio are recording their third studio album in Alvernia Studios.

New addition to our Team

In March, we expanded Alvernia Studios Team with the addition of Dorota Ryciak and Marcin Baran. As the creative team They are responsible for the promotion of feature films that Alvernia Studios is a producer.

Newest commercials

Zrzut ekranu 2013-10-18 o 16.45.03

We invite you to watch our newest commercials. Warsaw Office of Alvernia Studios has produced commercials for Soraya Make up HD, Soraya Świat Natury and Prima Finezia, while Krakow for Tymbark.

Alvernia Studios opens a new branch office in Mumbai.


Since February, BTC Media Productions with headquarters in Mumbai, has become the official representative of Alvernia Studios for the Indian market.

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