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ALVERNIA STUDIOS – one of the best laboratories in Europe


The ALVERNIA STUDIOS negative film-processing laboratory once again received the maximum amount of points in the KODAK IMAGECARE certification program. ALVERNIA has been a participant of the prestigious Kodak program since 2011 and is one of only 19 laboratories in the world that have been granted this certificate.

The last clap on the set of the film “Serce, serduszko i wyprawa na koniec świata”

Shooting for the Jan Jakub Kolski’s latest film “Serce, serduszko i wyprawa na koniec świata” has just been finished. On the set, the ALVERNIA STUDIOS team closely cooperated with a cinematographer Piotr Lenar, providing SONY F65 camera, lenses, grip, lights and power generators. Furthermore, colour correction, music recording and final mix with Dolby printmastering will all be performed by ALVERNIA STUDIOS.

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