The shooting  for 11 MINUTES, the new production by Jerzy Skolimowski, took place at ALVERNIA STUDIOS. A special film set was erected exclusively for the film’s final stunt scenes. ALVERNIA STUDIOS is also in charge of visual effects (VFX).



11 MINUTES  is conceived as a multi-layered, contemporary drama. The leading characters in the film will be portrayed by, among others, Andrzej Chyra, Wojciech Mecwaldowski, Agata Buzek, Piotr Głowacki, Jan Nowicki and Dawid Ogrodnik.


The shooting for 11 MINUTES started on 26 June, in Warsaw. Towards the end of August, the film crew moved to ALVERNIA STUDIOS, near Kraków, to shoot the stunt scenes in the film, further enhanced by special effects. A three-storey replica of the building situated in Warsaw (Grzybowski Square) was erected inside the biggest filmmaking hall in Poland (2000 m2), exclusively for the final scene in the film.

“We are working on the special effects for the entire film, however, the final scene is our biggest challenge. We’ve been preparing for the production stage for a year now, having spent over a dozen days at Grzybowski Square, taking location photos, in order to be able to render it digitally. Robert Hoffmeister, who supervised the special effects for “Iron Man”, “Transformers” or “Pirates of the Caribbean”, oversees the entire process, says Mateusz Tokarz (Head of VFX at ALVERNIA STUDIOS, the film’s co-supervisor).




The film is a Polish-Irish co-production, financed jointly by Polish Film Institute, Eurimages and Irish Film Board, with Skopia Film as the Polish producer of the film.

“11 MINUTES” is the second production by Jerzy Skolimowski, with our studio directly involved. Earlier, ALVERNIA had the opportunity to contribute to the production of “Essential Killing”. It’s a great pleasure and an honour for us that both the director and the film’s producers have once again decided to place their trust in our hands”, says Leszek Iwaniuk, who is in charge of coordinating the works on the film at ALVERNIA STUDIOS.


The premiere of 11 MINUTES is scheduled for 2015.

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