PREMIERE: “The Heart and the Sweetheart” BY JAN JAKUB KOLSKI

The newest film by Jan Jakub Kolski, THE HEART AND THE SWEETHEART, entered cinemas on November 21. ALVERNIA STUDIOS is the film’s co-producer.

THE HEART AND THE SWEETHEART [original title: “Serce, serduszko”] is a heart-warming road movie about the power of love and dreams. It’s the story of Maszeńka, a foster child at a children’s home in Bieszczady, who hopes to fulfil her dreams and get to a ballet school. She runs away from the facility in order to make it for the entrance exams in Gdańsk. During the trip, she’s accompanied by her befriended eccentric tutoress.
The film stars, among others: Marcin Dorociński, Julia Kijowska, Borys Szyc, Maja Komorowska, Franciszek Pieczka and Gabriela Muskała. The leading character is portrayed by Marysia Blandzi, for whom it’s a large-screen debut.


As the film’s co-producer, ALVERNIA STUDIOS has provided comprehensive production and co-production services throughout the process. On the film set, the ALVERNIA STUDIOS team has cooperated closely with Piotr Lenar, the camera assistant, contributing the SONY F65 camera, the lenses, the grip, a lighting unit and generators. Colour correction, music recording and the final recording for the film have also taken place at ALVERNIA STUDIOS, including Dolby encoding.

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