Łukasz Palkowski’s premiere of BOGOWIE [Eng. “The Gods”] proved to be the prime discovery of the 39th Gdynia Film Festival. It was officially released for cinema distribution on October 10. Awarded the Golden Lions at the Festival, BOGOWIE is the story of the famous cardio-surgeon, Zbigniew Religa. ALVERNIA STUDIOS took charge of the sound post-production and the final mix.


During the Gdynia Film Festival BOGOWIE received as many as five statuettes: the Golden Lions, for best screenplay, best leading actor, for make-up and screenplay. Additionally, the film scooped five prizes outside the Festival regulations, including the important ones awarded by the audiences and the media.

We are extremely pleased to have taken part in a movie project as special as this one. For the purposes of this film we recorded sound effects at five different hospitals all over Poland. A lot of emphasis was put on recreating the sound characteristics of the 80s and the sounds accompanying the operating rooms of the era, by recording the many different noises produced by medical equipment, cars and ambulances of that era”, says Michał Fojcik,  Head of Sound Postproduction / Sound Designer at ALVERNIA STUDIOS, who was responsible for sound in the film.

BOGOWIE – official trailer.

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