Sergey Nazarenko, Ostap Pochtarenko, Ivonne Orobio, Jose Ignacio Narvaez, Dmytro Kolisnyk and Filip Molski – welcome on board!

Sergey Nazarenko is now Senior Pipeline TD at ALVERNIA STUDIOS. His prior experience includes, among others, assignments as a software developer and a pipeline technical director. He created the project management systems for the following titles: “Curse of Chucky”, “The Little Rascals Save the Day” and “Influence”. Sergey specializes in Python and c++ programming.


Ostap Pochtarenko is our new Effects TD. His passion for IT extends to all its branches, starting with R&D, all the way to computer graphics. He is particularly interested in volumetric effects such as cloud-creation and voxel modelling. Before joining the ALVERNIA STUDIOS team, Ostap worked on the following feature films: “Influence” and “Dead in Tombstone” as effects technical director.



Ivonne Orobio is now a composer in the VFX ALVERNIA STUDIOS team. She’s a graduate in VFX 3d design at Westbridge University in Mexico. For over 4 years, she has been active in the film industry, working on feature films, commercials and television series. Ivonne’s portfolio is full of excellent film productions, such as:  “Gone Girl” , “X-Men: Days of Future Past” or the popular television series “House Of Cards”.


Jose Ignacio Narvaez  has taken the post of a composer in the VFX ALVERNIA STUDIOS team. Jose studied arts and design in Great Britain, then he moved to Mexico to study animation and special effects. After the studies he started working on special effects in feature films in Turkey and the United States. In his portfolio, the following feature films are included: “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, the Oscar-winning “Her”, “2 Guns” or the television series “House Of Cards”.


Dmytro Kolisnyk is now a composer in the VFX ALVERNIA STUDIOS team. At the outset of his career, Dmytro’s interests focused on photography, which expanded his understanding of artistic creation processes. He has worked in the film industry for 3 years, mainly in post-production. Dmytro has participated in the production of multiple series and feature films, including: “Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning” or “Anna German”.

Filip Molski is now a composer in the VFX team. He’s the graduate of the Digital Film Production Institute at SAE in Amsterdam and Compositing for Film at London’s Escape Studios. Filip’s chief area of interest is the use of digital image processing for traditional drawing techniques. His portfolio includes the following feature films: “Influence”, “The Heart and the Sweetheart” or “The Caged Swallow”.


Currently the VFX team is working on several feature projects, including “11 Minutes” by  Jerzy Skolimowski and “Discopolo” – the most recent production by ALVERNIA STUDIOS .

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