SONY CINEALTA F65 at Alvernia Studios

Alvernia Studios has joined the exclusive owners’ club of the world’s best digital camera - Sony CineAlta F65. It’s the first camera in the world that can compete with the quality of 35mm film.
Its technical specifications include recording in 4K resolution with 16 bit RAW output andspeed up to 120 frames/sec. In the nearest future this incredible beast will be able to record 8K resolution and uncompressed material (RAW).


As opposed to the RED Epic, SONY CineAlta F65 is the first camera with real 4K resolution.The heart of F65 is a 20,4 MP – 8K sensor, size of 3-perf frame Super 35mm, elaborated from the basics, with dimensions 24,7mm x 13,1mm and resolution 8768 x 2324. In comparison with traditional solutions the grid of pixels has been rotated  by 45 degrees, which guarantees excellent use of sensor, and subsequently noise minimization ( S/N ratio higher min. +16 dB compared to Arri Alexa), 14 levels of dynamics range and enormous scope of tones and colours. The latter exceeds the offer of 35mm negatives and draws near to the possibility of recording all the hues, that a human eye can register.


It offers recording with 16-bit linear RAW sampling in a number of resolutions (HD, 2K, 4K and higher) and proportions of the images that function in the filmmaking (1.85:1, 1.78:1, 1.66:1, 1.33:1, 2.35:1) as well as anamorfic configurations with non-square pixels.

This considerable amount of visual data (up to 20 GB/sec) needed the creation of powerful calculating system as well as brand new system of recording. The latter, SRMemory cards of 256 GB, 512 GB or 1TB are responsible. A number of SRMaster recorders facilitates the necessary cooperation. The F65 has a few innovative tricks up it’s sleeve as well such as a mechanical rotary shutter system to eliminate CMOS rolling shutter.


There are a few interesting solutions in CineAlta F65. One of them is a mechanic, rotary shutter used in order to eliminate the jello and flash banding artifacts. Another intriguing function is a possibility of wireless steering via tablet, f.ex. iPad.


Alvernia Studios has already tested and recorded feature films and commercials with the use of SONY CineAlta F65.


We look forward to future cooperation.


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