Możdżer records at Alvernia Studios once again

The recording of music to “Wszystkie kobiety Mateusza” (All Matthew’s Women) directed by Artur “Baron” Więcek has just finished at Alvernia Studios. The author of the soundtrack is Leszek Możdżer.


From the left: Piotr Witkowski, Tadeusz Mieczkowski, Leszek Możdżer, Artur “Baron” Więcek
The authors of the film state that “Wszystkie kobiety Mateusza” (All Matthew’s Women) is “a story in which the death of a protagonists, a seemingly accidental, banal death, doesn’t end anything; on the contrary, it triggers an avalanche of events that upset the life of a small, quiet and peaceful town.”
The director of the film is Artur “Baron” Więcek (“An Angel in Kraków”, “A Highlander’s History of Philosophy by Tischner”); behind the camera was Adam Sikora, the director of photography of “The Mill and the Cross” and “Essential Killing”. The script was based on a novel by Beata Pawlak, “Aniołek” (A Little Angel). Krzysztof Globisz played the leading role.
The music to the film was written by Leszek Możdżer, an outstanding pianist and composer, who once again worked in our studio. The artist was accompanied by the AUKSO orchestra, conducted by Marek Moś. The recording was realized by Tadeusz Mieczkowski and Piotr Witkowski, the head of the sound department at Alvernia Studios.


The producer of the film is Bereś & Baron Media Productions, co-producers: “Świat ma Sens” Foundation, Cieszyn Commune, “Silesia-Film” Film Institution, Krakow Film Commission. Film is co-funded by Polish Film Institute.


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