Master Classes by ALVERNIA STUDIOS during the TRANSATLANTYK Festival

It is the second time that the experts from ALVERNIA STUDIOS were invited to conduct Master Classes during TRANSATLANTYK Festival, an international film and music festival.


ALVERNIA STUDIOS invited Jan Holoubek (PSC) to run the workshop on the cinematographer’s responsibilities and work on the movie set. ALVERNIA STUDIOS’ filming equipment was used during the course.


Mikołaj Valencia (Head of the VFX Department in ALVERNIA STUDIOS) ran a workshop about the work on the visual special effects in the Hollywood production “Arbitrage”, co-produced by ALVERNIA STUDIOS.

Tomasz Kowalczyk (Motion Capture Specialist in ALVERNIA STUDIOS) presented the possibilities of using Motion Capture technology in the film production.

TRANSATLANTYK Festival is a new artistic platform that aims at building a stronger relationship between society, art and environment through music and movies. Academy Award® winner Jan A.P. Kaczmarek is the Founder and Director of the Festival.


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