‘Crulic – the Path to Beyond’ in Locarno


An animated documentary: “Crulic – The Path to Beyond”, directed by Romanian director Anca Damian and post produced at Alvernia Studios has qualified for the International Competition of the 64th Locarno Film Festival. The world premiere of “Crulic …” is scheduled for 7th August.

Alvernia Studios is responsible for the full sound post-production for “Crulic …”: the final mix, Dolby encoding, audio deliverables including TV mixes. Also the soundtrack written by Piotr Dziubek was recorded in our studio.

The Polish co-producer of the film is Fundacja im. Ferdynanda Magellana. “Crulic…” was financed byPolish Film Institute and received support from the Krakow Regional Film Fund, operated by the Krakow Festival Office.

The film refers to the actual events of 2007. On 11th July the police arrests a citizen of Romania, Claudio Crulic, charging him with theft of a wallet with credit cards. The arrested does not admit his guilt and begins a hunger strike. After 4 months he dies.

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