“Arbitrage” well-received at Sundance

“Arbitrage”, a co-produced by Alvernia Studios thriller with Richard Gere in the leading role, gets positive reviews after its premiere at Sundance Festival.


The premiere “Arbitrage” dir. Nicholas Jarecki, which took place on the last weekend in Park City, got a lot of publicity in the international press. Journalists praise its visual qualities, skilfully created narration and topical social context. The Hollywood Reporter points to the big commercial potential of the film, while Variety’s critic thinks that Jarecki, making his debut as a director, managed the task very well. The role of Richard Gere gains general applause; some critics predict that for the role of a cynical businessman, he will be nominated to the next year’s Oscars.


Our co-production, “Arbitrage”, is a story of a New York businessman, Robert Miller (Richard Gere), whose private and professional life is full of moral ambiguities. A series of events brings him to the verge of a scandal which may ruin his life. Co-starring are Susan Sarandon as a forgiving wife, Brit Marling as an idolizing daughter, and Tim Roth as a determined detective tracking down the protagonist’s sins.


The director of photography is Yorick Le Saux (“I Am Love”), and Cliff Martinez (“Drive”) composed the music. The film has sold to Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions. The distributor for Poland and Central Europe is SPI International.


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