Alvernia Studios for Anna Dymna foundation “Mimo Wszystko”

A commercial promoting the donation of 1% of tax for Anna Dymna foundation “Mimo Wszystko” was shot in Kraków. Alvernia Studios got involved in the production, providing the foundation with professional film equipment as well as the film crew support of 30 people.
“I’ve been to hundreds of film sets and indeed I have never seen such a high spirited, energetic film crew. I can’t find words to describe, what was happening, or thank enough for that night spent together.” – Anna Dymna, the Foundation President, reported.
The commercial included participation of Anna Cieślak, apart from the foundation charges and volunteers. The film crew was led by the director Michał Gazda and cinematographer Tomasz Augustynek.
We wish to thank everyone involved in the production.
The results of our work, you may watch below.

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