ALVERNIA CONTENT, a production house established as part of the ALVERNIA STUDIOS group at the beginning of 2013, is in charge of a product-placement-and-sponsorship campaign for the BERLINKI brand. The campaign includes a series of sponsored billboards as well as product placement in the 7th edition of “Must Be The Music. Tylko muzyka” [a TV show] aired by Polsat.

The billboards were first released on February 26th. They will be aired before the beginning of the programme, during the break and at the end of each episode. Three different releases have been prepared for promotional purposes, all consistent with the BERLINKI advertising campaign run by Publicis. Human Ark was made in charge of spot execution.

“How we’ve come up with an idea for this kind of a programme? The main reason is that the Berlinki brand communicates in a very positive, light-hearted and youthful fashion. Which is why we have proposed this brand alliance with the music entertainment format – truly, a perfect match for Berlinki. What is more, the product is placement-compatible, in a natural and unobtrusive manner. On the film set, it was an attractive, warm snack, consumed backstage, before and after participants’ performances. We wanted to achieve smart product placement and we’re really happy to have reached this goal”, says Katarzyna Romanowska, ALVERNIA CONTENT Project Manager in charge of campaign planning.


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