10 Production Facilities That Are Giving Hollywood a Run for Its Money

The Hollywood Reporter has included Alvernia Studios to the group of state-of-the-art-studios which make their mark not only in their countries and “Are Giving Hollywood a Run for Its Money”.

The article on The Hollywood Reporter website was illustrated by a great picture of our domes.


Here is what THR has written about Alvernia:


  • Raw Data: The studio is housed in an ultramodern interconnected system of domes with biomechanoid interior design inspired by H.R. Giger’s Alien. It has state-of-the-art facilities for every stage of the filmmaking process up to and including making a master copy, since the studio has its own lab and color correction. The production facilities include four soundstages and Europe’s largest bluescreen. The 5,295 square foot dubbing studio is Dolby Premier Studio certified. The studio also has mobile facilities in a fleet of modern buses.
  • Resume: Vamps, Arbitrage
  • The Pitch: Located 19 miles west of richly historic Krakow, Poland, Alvernia Studios was fully equipped in 2009, went operational in 2010 and offers a turnkey filmmaking solution. Polish broadcasting mogul Stanislaw Tyczynski established RMF FM, Poland’s first commercial radio station, subsequently selling it to Germany’s Bauer Media Group to fund Alvernia.
  • More:
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