Music scoring studio

Alvernia Studios is a unique complex of studios prepared for the production of all types of music. The complex consists of: an impressive, spacious music scoring studio, two audio postproduction studios, film final mix and Dolby print studio as well as three sound stages.

Music scoring studio K-01 can accommodate an orchestra of 100 musicians. It can also be converted into a compact and attractive chamber for smaller ensembles. Additionally, there are two smaller studios K-01B and K-01C, at musicians’ disposal. A main control room is fitted out with an AMS Neve 88R analogue mixing console and Encore Plus automation system, a Munro Acoustics custom M4+P system, Pro Tools HD systems, and a broad range of external outboard gear by top manufacturers like Weiss, Manley, Tube-Tech, GML, and Empirical Labs.

Thanks to the application of the Source Connect Pro technology, the studio can be used for remote recording, synchronized with the image, in a live connection with other studios situated in any location worldwide, granted it has the relevant software or an ISDN connection.



electrical connections up to 250 kW

15dB NC air-conditioning



area 60 m2 (~ 645 ft²)

Neve 88R console with AMS Neve Encore™ Plus automation system

5.1 and Stereo system



area 430 m2 (~ 4628 ft²)

capacity: symphonic orchestra and/or chorus of 100 people

height 11m (~ 36 ft)

variable ceiling geometry / variable reverberation characteristics

Steinway Concert Grand Piano D-274

Kolberg Percussion



area 8 m2 (~ 86 ft²)

optimized acoustics for vocal recordings and solo instruments


Levels 1 and 2

rehearsal room and private lounge

Contact person

Anna Nowak-Otto

tel: +48 723 999 008

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