Dubbing theatre

Alvernia Studio’s Dolby Premiere certified Film Dubbing Theatre is designed to meet the most stringent criteria regarding acoustics, audio monitoring, and picture quality. Clients can pre-mix, mix, and hear their work in one of the largest and most comfortable theatres in a variety of audio monitoring formats.


Theatre suites include a large-format digital console AMS Neve DFC Gemini with Encore 2 automation system, JBL 5000 Series cinema speaker system, Pro Tools HD audio systems and outboard gear from top audio manufacturers including TC Electronics and Lexicon. In addition, the image is projected on a large-format screen with the use of a professional digital projection system based on a Sony SRX T420 projector.



State-of-the-art technology and world-class engineering and support personnel allow the final re-recording of dialogues, sound effects, and music to take full control over any movie, meaning that tracks of recorded sounds are capable of bringing the plot into a new extraordinary soundspace.



Dolby MME encoding unit with CP 650 Cinema Processor installed in a Film Dubbing Theatre ensures that the 5.1 sound experience will be duplicated in cinemas around the world producing the same sound as was originally created during the mix in Dolby SR, Dolby Digital, and Dolby EX formats.





K07 Film Dubbing Theatre has achieved Dolby Premier Studio Certification – Technical excellence at every level of the studio’s operation

area 490 m2 (~ 5274 ft²)

studio dedicated to premixing, mixing and mastering

console: AMS Neve DFC Gemini with AMS Neve Encore TM Plus automation system

projector Sony SRX-R110 SXRD 4K

screen 10,15 x 4,23 m (~ 33.3 x 13,8 ft)

electrical connections up to 200 kW

video-conference room

wardrobes and make-up rooms

15dB NC air-conditioning

Contact person

e-mail: studios@alvernia.com

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