Alvernia Studios VFX Department is prepared to fulfill any of our clients’ requests. Our crew – including supervisors, artists, and programmers with many years of experience – can bring to life the most demanding scripts and  challenging projects. With a huge Blue Screen, Motion Capture and Motion Control we have full control over the film set, no matter whether it is virtual or real. We can create a stunning world that will compose perfectly with both traditional and stereoscopy film material. 


On the preproduction stage, our VFX department offers full support in concept arts, layouts, storyboards, and both 2D and 3D animatics. Using the Motion Capture system we bring the previsualisation to a higher stage, where the director can plan scenes within virtual scenery in real-time, with virtual actors shot by a virtual camera.


The CGI department models and textures the assets prepared for visual effect shots. Using the best available tools (Mudbox, Zbrush, Maya, Houdini) we create virtual sceneries, actors, and all other elements needed to compose a film shot. All our calculations are based on the render farm system.


Our specialists are at home operating in all animation techniques, beginning with character animation, through cartoons to motion graphics, using Maya and Motion Builder software. The Motion Capture and CGI Department provides animation of CG doubles, crowd simulations, and CG face


To cater to all production needs, the Simulation Department prepares components ranging from fire, smoke, and liquids up to complete ecosystems that form digital environments. Our R&D unit can design personalised tools to satisfy all our clients’ requests.


The compositing pipeline is based on Nuke X and Flame 2011. It is adjusted to work in both 2K and 4K resolution as well as in stereoscopic imaging. This department provides services in match move, rotoscopy and matte paint.


The Matte Paint unit is responsible for set extensions, environments and sky replacement in film shots.

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